The Decade of The Mouth

Shut in, quarantined, masked, shut down, silenced, canceled…what a year this has proven to be. We moved from the decade of Ayin,( to watch) into the decade of the Peh,( the mouth or to speak) in Hebrew. We are currently in year 5781 Peh-Aleph…Aleph is God’s number. It is the number One. We have an opportunity to align our mouth with the things of God. To allow true speech and voice to go out into the darkness desperately trying to silence the WORD. I have been challenged by The Spirit to speak more blessing into my life and those around me, for blessing is the language of the kingdom and the rite/duty of the priest. I was stunned when I took soul inventory of how many words of cursing I allow to flow out of my mouth . If life and death are in the power of the tongue, how much death have I spoken while wondering why the fight for life around me is so wearying? I believe it is time for us to change our speech. To speak over our homes, our business, our church, our children, our family words that increase capacity for revelation of the goodness of God. Capacity for the blessing of God to descend upon life in abundance. Capacity for the fullness of the indwelling life of Christ to manifest in us.

This is how I want to journey through 2021. A Mouth Full of Blessing.

Image Copyright James Nesbit

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