The Wall

Let my prayer be accepted as sweet-smelling incense in your presence. Let the lifting up of my hands in prayer be accepted as an evening sacrifice.- Psalm 141:2

And the smoke of the incense went up with the prayers of The Holy Ones from the hand of the Angel before God.-Revelation 8:4

Here we let incense arise-our prayers to the throne mingled with the Holy Ones of old.


3 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Father, today I pray to you on behalf of a motherless friend. In the stead of her mother I thank you for her beauty, the beauty of a soul that lives and breathes as the essence of your love expressed earnestly, consistently, and creatively.
    I pray because the prayers of her mother have become silent. Not because her mother no longer cares for her child but because she now converses with you face to face in the temple of your courts. She can laugh in your presence as she recalls images of her daughter that bring a burst of delight. She can speak to you directly about the things that concern her in her daughters life. The words released from the heart and the mouth of her mother no longer have to travel the distance from earth to heaven in order to be heard. And there is no faith required in believing that you hear them because she is in your presence as they are spoken.
    But Father, there is now a void in the heart of this mothers child. There is a longing to hear the familiar voice of the one whose voice was always there. She misses the warm touch of her mother’s hand. She even misses the phone calls that would sometimes make her roll her eyes, because that was a real part of life with her mother. She misses every part of the woman who gave her life. And especially she misses the knowing that there is someone on this earth that loves her like a mother loves.
    And so Lord, this prayer is for that reason. Though I am not this woman’s mom, I lift to you her life, her sorrows, her dreams, her heart. And I stand with you, in the absence of her mother and I pray that, from this moment on, you inspire others on earth to stand in the gap in prayer for this motherless friend. I pray that every effort and every gesture of love that she extends to the motherless among us be multiplied exceedingly back to her.
    Father give her strength and wisdom and grace and courage to continue to love even those whose own mother chooses not to love.
    Father, I thank you this day for the love placed so sweetly in the bosom of every natural and every surrogate mother.

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