The Wound Is The Place

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” –Rumi

(A Lenten Meditation)


Open to the lashing


receive the light.

Be pierced

Be scarred

Be struck

Be mocked

Be beard-plucked

Be thorn-crowned

Be acquainted then,

With the great longing sorrow

that is life in a separated world.

Be, that you may know the Light

the Light that comes to the wound-ness

The hatred-filled gaping

The envious otherness of twisted humanness-

Be, that you may shine brightly in the darkness.

Be, that you would fill with overflowing healing presence-

From your own wells dug deep in valleys of bitter weeping.

Be the salt.

Be the light.

Be the wounded healing light that wraps and wraps and covers nakedness.

Be the soft sound of cool hand to fevered brow.

Be the reason in the madness.

Be light of new world.

Be Kingdom.

Be Freedom.

Be Home, beacon porch light for the wandering masses.

Be in the Image

Be in the Likeness

Be in the presence of Light

The One Pierced for our birthing.


(c)Christina Dammerman 2019








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