“That” Call

A shout out to everyone who has had to make, “that” call.  You know the one…

“Her brain isn’t registering activity”

“Her kidneys are shut down”

“Time to remove the tube, cord, monitor….plug”

“Doc, she isn’t getting any better, can you come to us and help her cross over the rainbow bridge, she won’t make it up those stairs…”

Yeah, those calls.  I made those difficult calls when my mother and father’s lives were laid trustingly into my hands at the end of their days. I did what they had wished, what they had asked, what was best…but, you never stop wondering if you had done enough….

Her I am again, only it is a first for me.   Katie Girl, our  beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever is in agony, fighting to breathe, fighting to smile, and sit, and eat… Most of our four footed furries met their end tragically at the hands of someone else, or something else…I’ve never had to look into loving, loyal, tired eyes and make a decision to end a life.

She saved my husband from a fiery death, I couldn’t save her from disease.

Death comes at 4pm. It is 2:30pm and here we all are, walking the floors in a waiting room of sorts, waiting to love a life over instead of inviting one in.

There has to be a place for a love like this. There has to be “something ever after” for this kind of loyalty and devotion.

So, to my loved furries who left too soon:  Jojo, Beelerbug, Shasta,Babe, Ice, Maggie, Keano,Challis,  I send you our Beloved Katie. Share a bone, and a romp in the fields of grace.

Here is to that last car ride, may the wind forever be in your face.

In loving memory












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